About Us


Granny’s Kitchen exists to provide nutritious meals in a welcoming environment, to foster an atmosphere of reconciliation, and to offer holistic economic opportunity to its surrounding community.


A grandmother’s kitchen is always brimming with love and acceptance; we always learn a few lessons and never leave hungry. Granny’s Kitchen creates a space for individuals to become family. We will overcome suffering, poverty, exclusion, unfairness, and injustice by bringing people together and lifting each other up above ourselves. We strive to create bonds that transcend standard work relationships; we are committed to ensuring growth and opportunity for each individual that joins our family. We are committed to creating a safe space in which we can work and learn, where we can gain not only a living wage but also the relationships, lessons, and experiences that make life worth living. All good business generates profit, but better business uses that profit for good. We believe in taking care of our team as we would our own family. 


Our goal is for Granny’s Kitchen to be a spot loved by locals and commuters alike, known for it’s warm, welcoming atmosphere and wholesome great-tasting southern comfort food. At Granny’s Kitchen, we want our guests and our team to fondly remember being with their own grandmothers and family members who care for them and love them unconditionally. We want to see reconciliation happen around the table and in the kitchen. We want to support our team in every aspect of life, teaching them the skills necessary not only to excel in food service and hospitality, but also to pursue and achieve their personal and professional life goals.


         Our objectives to accomplish these goals are simple. Serve great food and take care of people like they’re family. We use fresh ingredients and our grandmothers’ timeless recipes to cook delicious Southern dishes that are affordable and accessible. We actively seek to support our team, guests and community in ways that encourage personal growth as well as sustainable and equitable economic development.